Entrepreneurial innovation should also focus on the field of intellectual property

China’s awareness of technological innovation is still relatively high, but in the field of knowledge and culture is still a lack of a correct understanding of intellectual property rights and interests should be recognized. In the "double" activities, China society need to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and rights awareness.

current public awareness of intellectual property protection? Is there any infringement of intellectual property rights? Last week, according to a survey by the social survey center of Chinese Youth Daily net through the questionnaire of 2002 people, 82% of the respondents were aware of intellectual property including patents and trademarks, 30.4% of the respondents had admitted without permission to reproduce and use the public dissemination of the work of others, 86% of respondents believe that intellectual property has been infringed will influence the development of entrepreneurship and innovation.

respondents, 00 after accounting for 0.6%, 80 90 accounted for 26.4%, accounting for 46.3%, 70 after accounting for 19.8%, 60 and above accounted for 6.8%.

21.2% respondents suffered intellectual property infringement


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