Analysis on the status quo of outdoor products industry in China

China’s outdoor industry is booming, but the market is still in a state of chaos after years of development. Due to the lack of industry standards, so that the level of domestic outdoor brands uneven, the status quo of China’s outdoor supplies worrying.

throughout China’s outdoor clothing brand complex. Foreign brands already on the domestic market, domestic brands are all look at fiercely as a tiger does; spare no effort to take cities and seize territory. In the absence of the corresponding national standards, industry standards and local standards, the premise of the rapid development of the outdoor apparel industry is also a problem. Such as price confusion, brand positioning fuzzy, poor sales channels and other phenomena are constantly harmful to the emerging outdoor apparel industry.

"because the focus, so professional; because professional, so excellence." This is a very wide spread in our business circles. The meaning of this sentence is actually the enterprise operator in the management of the affirmation of self ability, and the ability to deny. We have a lot of domestic garment enterprises at present, look what products can be produced, what clothing market all want to try the water, but in fact did not take a piece of clothing products to achieve the pink of perfection degree, the reason is never a focus of clothing products. The outdoor clothing enterprises in foreign countries to the performance of a product of the professional focus of the idea is indeed worthy of our clothing enterprises to learn and learn.

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