What are the competitive environment make prosperous tricks

fierce competition, which is a problem faced by any one of the shopkeepers. However, the fierce competition does not mean that the business can not do, if you can master the methods, learn some tricks, business can also be hot up. Where I Yanfu people shopping center is located in Yancheng City Dafeng area near the commercial center, many supermarkets, convenience stores, the competition is fierce. Even so, our store business in the region is very good. Why is this? I think there are four main reasons:

innovative display. We usually pay great attention to the innovative display of goods and stores, will regularly adjust the layout of the store. Such as the use of a single packet of "Su smoke" and "Nanjing" combination of display, with some other to create new styles, to beautify the store.

warmth marketing. Send a greeting messages during the holiday season, rainy days to provide umbrellas, etc., are to ensure that the quality of service is not discounted small initiatives. For example, April and May is the Yang Xu catkins flying high period, we provide disposable masks for customers, truly the customer would like to think, to win many customers praise.

promotional boost. Regularly carry out limited promotions, seasonal discounts and other activities, new and old customers can enjoy the full shopping gifts, points for gifts and other concessions. Engage in promotional profit is relatively small, but it can effectively return the funds, to prevent the backlog of goods, commodities, such as deterioration of the phenomenon of overdue.

wide popularity. Pay attention to doing business with the customer to the store, Friendliness is conducive to business success., we must smile. Customers call, even if it is just to buy a cigarette, a bottle of wine, as long as the other side has delivery needs, in the distribution range, regardless of wind and rain, we will timely delivery. In addition to the traditional sales model, we also through WeChat, QQ and other ways to promote a wide range of online advertising, delivery services.

fierce competition, is not easy to do business, these are the facts, but if we can master more business skills, can let our shops occupy a space for one person in the fierce market, and earn more wealth. So, if your store environment is also fierce competition, these "tricks" to help the development of your shop?

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