Shanghai Normal University to carry out entrepreneurial innovation camp to promote entrepreneurial a

for some college students on campus, we should let them come into contact with some of the business information, but also to exercise some entrepreneurial awareness of them, so there are now many colleges and universities are to cultivate this aspect.

1000 yuan start-up capital, 10 days of operation, unknown products, unknown channels, unknown challenges can create a miracle? 5 days and 4 nights, 4 city of 10 points, 891.4 kilometers to look for the field will bring what kind of experience?   the 6 group "youth partner with entrepreneurial dream will wipe out what kind of spark? 23 students from Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai Institute of Tourism opened the   in Yiwu, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and in the city of 4". Shanghai Normal University’s entrepreneurial innovation camp this year for the first time the introduction of entrepreneurial challenge mode, innovation and entrepreneurial culture and marketing experience combined.

to just empty talk

this year innovative summer camp was first introduced "the new mode of Entrepreneurship Challenge", the camp participants need to use the limited funds within the time required to create the greatest wealth. From different colleges, different professional 23 "youth partners" will experience the most realistic challenge: how to use the shortest time to complete the team running, product strategy and market operation practice, how to motivate the team in extreme environmental conditions and innovation potential, learn from each other in the process of cooperation experience in overcoming difficulties. The students in the summer camp experience from the empty talk to real process.

found that students in Yiwu International Trade Center, 1000 yuan start-up capital and can not buy the goods they want, because the trade center of goods are sold in thousands, tens of thousands of small commodity market and how to choose is a problem, how in the limited time to choose to meet their marketing plan products. At the same time can ensure to complete the sales task in the following game, practical difficulties in the beginning to give students out of a problem. "The first challenge we have is" money can’t buy anything, "which we never thought of before." Student Hu Yuanhao said. After the first challenge, 6 teams timely adjustment of marketing strategy, some teams at the summer cooling demand, through the Alibaba to purchase wholesale platform with the market competitiveness of goods, some of the team aimed at the tourism economy and the star economy, provide DIY photography services, in concert with the surrounding roadshow sales. Finally from the fine arts, business, sports, life and Environmental Sciences Institute of mixed team "Dream  July"   by virtue of 1500 yuan net profit value obtained the first challenge. From the Academy of Fine Arts Yijun after Weng sighed and said: "this is a really great experience, not only because we won the first, it is because in the match I recommend

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