started because of failure

failure is not terrible, as long as you can find the reason from the successful point the day and await for it. These two days idle down, analyze the situation of entrepreneurship in the past six months, and learn from them, but also hope to provide a negative feedback to the entrepreneurs behind, do not make mistakes I made.


A, not the entrepreneurial motivation. Entrepreneurship, some people are interested in, some people are in order to dream, there are people   is to change the world, most people in order to change their economic situation is simply to make money. I belong to the last one for fame and fortune. In fact, the last one can not say wrong, I made the mistake of excessive pursuit of fame and fortune.

myself before a period of time, for the fame of particular importance, in a company, a year down the wages of the number change, can write an inspirational urban drama. But I have not met, regardless of the number of   how many to grow, for me, only about a month of happiness, to second months if the number is not continue to rise rapidly to zero happiness.

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