Xining held a civilized city civilized man thousands of signatures

With the founding of the city of Xining battle started, more and more people to join the war of civilization. September 4th, Xining City, the first vocational and technical school held a "civilized city · do civilized people," a thousand signatures, 1314 freshmen and all the staff to participate in the activities of the 2012.

at 14:30 on September 4th began, 1314 freshmen picked up the pen, wrote on the banner of the city’s commitment to action. Activities, the parents of a student organization in Xining is also involved in. Create a civilized city, civilized people, as students we should start from the side of the little things, do not throw things, do not damage the public facilities, do not run the red light, so that civilization has become the city’s most beautiful scenery." 2012 class hotel management Chen Haidi said. read more

Wangjiazhuang City North Station 49 a black cotton dens were the end of Xining

Qinghai news network March 11th, provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau received a report from the masses, a black cotton

manufacturing dens investigated.

investigation, Xining city Wangjiazhuang North Station No. 49 to Xumian processing of recycled cotton, cotton thread "black cotton

as a raw material, the processing of dozens of bedding products every day, and the price of 10 yuan per bed to tens of dollars range

, a large number of small commodity wholesale market. Law enforcement officers at the scene seized dozens of poor quality bedding, poor read more

The Gan River Public Security Bureau launched the two population knowledge publicity activities

June 15th, Gan River Public Security Bureau launched the "two real" population knowledge publicity activities

6 15, Gan River Public Security Bureau launched the "two" population knowledge publicity activities.

, a piece of propaganda "panels two" to attract population knowledge from people stop and watch, important branch police patiently for pedestrians to explain in detail the "two" working population, and publicity materials. At the same time, the local police also on the area of the village, the enterprise made door-to-door visits, survey area of actual population, there is housing, to ensure that the "two" population obtained first-hand information, timely supplement and revision, ensure daily work smoothly. read more

Protection of the rights and interests of the purchase of Xining vehicle administration to strengthe

Xining city vehicle administration to further strengthen the unified management of unregistered motor vehicle issued a temporary license plate, vehicle maintenance purchase of the legitimate rights and interests, on the basis of "automobile sales enterprises signed management agreement" issued a temporary license plate and automobile sales enterprises, with a small hand to provide convenient services for enterprises and the purchase of vehicles, has been well received.

To carry out the work of the read more

The State Council will be the third major reform of the Qinghai part of the commercial system reform

recently, the State Council issued the "State Council on Duzhashi transferred third times inspection feedback and related inspection results of the notice", the reform of commercial system in our province as one of the two typical methods found for inspection, the achievements of the reform have been fully affirmed the State Council eighteenth inspection group.

"notice" summarized the typical form of attachment: "Qinghai vigorously promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system. The provincial government departments to retain 287 administrative approval, cancellation and vigorously regulate intermediary service matters, according to the realization of "zero fee", "according to a code" by the time the original business license for at least 20 days shortened to less than 5 working days, the earlier announced "two list" of the provinces, but also the retention of provincial administrative approval to fewer provinces". read more

Provincial government held the first half of the province’s fiscal situation will be analyzed

7 27, the provincial government held the province’s fiscal situation analysis will be informed of the first half of the province’s fiscal revenue and expenditure, analysis judged the current situation, the deployment of the second half of the focus of research work. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that this year, the country, the finance and taxation departments to seriously implement the provincial government decision to deploy and the province’s financial work conference, the province’s financial work conference spirit, overcome difficulties, to achieve the time task double half, has laid a good foundation for the completion of the annual objectives and tasks. In the second half of the fiscal situation will face more difficulties, all localities and departments at all levels should pay close attention to the annual target task, adhere to the problem oriented, goal oriented, pay close attention to weaknesses, to ensure full completion. read more

Remote run classes for 10 years more than million people benefit

My class remote province since 2003 10 years, both inside and outside the province has accumulated six different class culture of Tibetan high school (vocational school) students scale exceeded 10000, injected a strong vitality into the development of Qinghai Tibetan education, promote inter ethnic harmony and unity and development. It is understood that from the beginning of 2003, Qinghai Normal University and other schools in the province began to recruit 6 Tibetan minority high school students in the region, the current total training of high school graduates in 5576, students in the 1954 place in the 6. From the beginning of 2008, held off-site high school class at 10 schools in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning, Hubei, Chongqing and other 8 provinces respectively, the cumulative training 2400 high school graduates, 1437 students. Province in the fall of 2014 plans to transport high school students 1300. In the run in occupation education at the same time, our province insist on walking on two legs, making full use of foreign high-quality educational resources, vigorously promote the Tibetan high school graduates through targeted aid to foreign occupation academy, 2010 -2013, a total of 2978 Tibetan students transfer to Shandong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai and other provinces and cities to learn. 2014, the number of students studying in different places have been identified 1470.   read more

This year Xining City Procuratorate approved the arrest of 1016 people

In August 15th, a reporter with the city CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Fade, Tong Dexiang, Fan Xingliang, Baoya check and part of the city CPPCC members inspect the procuratorial work in our city was informed that this year, approved by the Municipal People’s Procuratorate decided to arrest 1016 people and.

it is understood that this year, the city prosecutors closely around the municipal requirements and meticulous management, adhere to "strengthen the legal supervision and safeguard fairness and justice" theme of the work, to fully perform prosecutorial functions, to strengthen self construction, promote and maintain the stable and healthy development of procuratorial work. The procuratorial organs adhere to maintain social stability, promote social harmony as the primary task, conscientiously fulfill the review of arrest and prosecution functions, to combat all kinds of criminal law to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people. The Municipal People’s Procuratorate Yu Guolong said that this year, the hospital accepted for approval and decided to arrest 618 1114 people, an increase of respectively 8% and 9.9%; the approval and decided to arrest 1016 people, not to approve the arrest of 64 people, decided not to arrest 1 people; accepted transferred to the prosecution 1052 1819 people, an increase of 5% and a decline of 2.7%. At the same time, this year, the city prosecutors have filed 1214 people, decided not to prosecute the person of the 45. The court has convicted 1133 people, the conviction rate of 100%. Within the statutory period the closing rate of 100%. (author: Xu Shunkai) read more

Xining autumn greening work smoothly

Since the autumn, in order to seize the opportunity, to do a comprehensive green autumn garden Bureau fine deployment, four district landscape management departments to act quickly, to implement the responsibility, implement, schedule, and carry out tree replanting replanting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, weeding and other greening construction and management

since the autumn, in order to seize the opportunity, to do a comprehensive green autumn garden Bureau fine deployment, four district landscape management departments to act quickly, to implement the responsibility, implement, schedule, and carry out tree replanting replanting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, weeding and other greening construction and management. Up to now, the progress of the work of the fall of green. read more

Xining north of the agricultural and rural work conference held in 2013

  March 1st afternoon, north of the city of Xining City District Committee and the district government convened towns and subdistrict office is mainly responsible for the district agriculture related departments, 38 village "two committees" and the person in charge of the region deployed the countryside preaching the spirit of the document No. 1 cadres more than 140 people, on the first floor conference room held the district authorities of agricultural and rural work in 2013 and No. 1 cadres to the countryside preaching mobilization. District standing committee, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Wei Xining presided over the meeting. Paul Liu, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization of the district government, Changan District, comrade Wen Bin attended the meeting on behalf of the. read more