TBS offers cream of Continent

first_imgA new firm, Tromp Bakery Systems (TBS) (stand J200 at Food & Bake), has been formed to supply bakery and food processing equipment from five specialist European manufacturers to the UK and Irish food industries.Although the Hereford-based company is new, the range of equipment it offers is already well-established.As the name of the firm suggests, machinery from Netherlands manufacturer Tromp Bakery Equipment represents a large part of the TBS portfolio. The Dutch firm manufactures equipment for bread production and decoration, pastry sheeting and laminating, make-up and finishing, depositing and injecting, pie-forming and filling, as well as pizza base blocking or sheeting and topping.The company constructs standalone units or automatic production lines, including the new Expandable 600 series of modular sheeting, laminating and make-up lines.European partnersAnother partner is Belgian company Siloba, which produces external silos, weigh heads, dosing equipment, as well as metering and process control systems. Supply of industrial tunnel ovens is handled by another Dutch firm, Vanderpol Baking Systems. The company specialises in direct- and indirect-fired oven lines for bread, cake, pastry, wafer and waffle production, supplemented by intelligent tray handling and storage systems. Fourth in the partnership is Belgian firm Magnatech, which makes four-rack cooling systems for batch operation and continuous in-line cooling tunnels for products exiting a tunnel oven. Under the brand name Magnacool, the firm can supply a cooling solution for most products.Completing the picture, is Italian firm Berto Industria, the largest manufacturer of industrial dough mixers and mixing systems in Europe. The company’s product range covers fixed and removable bowl mixers with dough capacities up to 300kg.TBS has dedicated resources for project management and after-sales service and, as an alternative to direct sales of equipment, says it can offer rental over a fixed period. The firm’s customer base includes plant bakeries and smaller independent companies.last_img read more

Tuned to taste

first_imgLook at the change in our eating habits over the past 15 years. It’s all due to outside influences,” says Nellie Nichols, sandwich consultant.The European Sandwich and Snacks show, which took place recently in Paris, was a showcase for many of those changes, revealed in everything from ingredients to packaging.While you don’t have to be a genius to see how sandwich fillings have changed, a company called Genius has certainly pioneered new combinations that have found favour with popular UK sandwich supplier Pret A Manger, for example.Based in Parma, Italy, Genius supplies mouthwatering, soft, chewy, colourful vegetables that add brightness, texture and ’health’ to a sandwich. Courgettes, aubergines, sun-dried tomatoes – the list, like the display, was long. The vegetables are authentic, Italian and fresh. Most are then dried or grilled and supplied pasteurised, sterilised or chilled. They looked appetising in their dishes – even without a sandwich bread in sight.PackagingColpac of Flitwick, Milton Keynes, was responding to questions in a number of languages. Its stand showed just about every type of packaging for any shape carrier imaginable. “Do you have microwaveable packaging?” I asked. “Yes,” said Frank Mills, sales and marketing director. “And biodegradable?” “Yes, just here.” “What about packaging for filled tortillas?” “No problem” was the reply.Colpac can design and provide almost any sandwich packaging and if you happen to have a strong independent streak, they can sell you the machinery and you can make your own. So how was the show going for them? “It’s going incredibly well,” said Mills. “Not everyone places orders at the show but many get in touch afterwards when they have had time to discuss what they have seen.”ViennoiserieIn the UK, we have seen mini muffins and diddy doughnuts, but bite-size has always been bigger on the Continent, where there is the habit of stopping for an espresso and a little something that just pops into the mouth. Vandemoortele of Hounslow’s pre-baked pastries are too small to pile on the calories, but these little indulgences are almost impossible to refuse. A mere mouthful, a little encouragement from the sales assistant and, before you know it, it’s on the plate or in the mini bag.Le SandwichRoberts Bakery of Northwich, Cheshire, was at the show to uphold the famous British phenomenon of sliced and wrapped, which gave its name to Le Sandwich. The firm has been exporting sandwich bread as far as Japan. John Jump, national accounts manager for Roberts, noted that the timing of the show clashed with the Convenience Retailing Show back in the UK, but Roberts’ bread is almost synonymous with Le Sandwich in many parts of France and beyond, having, as one Frenchman told me, “just the right crumb and just the right crust”.Say ’cheese’Leerdammer’s cheese symbol is the laughing cow and Bel Foodservice of Paris must have laughed all the way to the bank if the crowd around its stand were all customers. Many were tempted by the small sizes – so convenient for making rolls and sandwiches or for customers to pop into a lunch box. There were mini-bels and baby bels; cheese for ease in strips, rounds and squares; or cheese as you please for big sandwich runs. nlast_img read more

Sandwich salt levels surveyed

first_imgConsensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has just published research on the salt levels in shop-bought sandwiches, following a survey of 140 sandwiches from popular retailers, and found that 41% of the sample contained 2g or more of salt per serving – a third of the adult daily limit.The saltiest sandwich surveyed was Asda’s Extra Special Yorkshire Ham and Hawes Wensleydale, containing 3.9g of salt, over 60% of the recommended daily amount, followed by Pret A Manger’s All Day Breakfast sandwich with 3.54g of salt.The sandwiches found to contain the least amount of salt were Tesco’s Healthy Living Chicken Salad and Co-op Healthy Living Tuna and Cucumber.last_img read more

Creditors await FBBM outcome

first_imgCreditors of the Fabulous Bakin’ Boys Manufacturing (FBBM) are still in limbo, waiting to see if they will get any of the money owed from the collapsed firm.Fabulous Bakin’ Boys Manu-facturing went into administration last December with debts of £3.4 million. Administrators BDO Stoy Hayward (BDO) then sold the business and assets to Whitney Cake Company. Bank debts were paid immediately, but unsecured creditors have yet to find out whether they will get a penny of what they are owed.Creditors have approved a plan to pass the company to liqui-dators by May. One – who asked not to be identified – said creditors are pushing for this to happen as soon as possible. BDO has indicated creditors may be paid a dividend, but this will not be confirmed until liquidators are appointed.l Whitney Cake Company has the same directors and shareholders as Fabulous Bakin’ Boys Ltd, which traded from the same premises as FBBM, but is an entirely separate firm with different directors and shareholders.last_img read more

Winning ways

first_imgThe clock is ticking on the 2009 Baking Industry Awards and the search is on again to find the baking industry’s high fliers and success stories. The awards, now in their 22nd year, recognise the hard work and passion of the people and companies that make the British baking industry one of the most exciting and innovative in the world.Businesses of all sizes – from the one-shop retailers to the largest suppliers – are encouraged to enter and there should be a category to suit everybody. But how do you go about putting together a winning entry?The starting point should be thinking what are you most proud of? For example, how are you tackling issues that affect your business? Do you have a brilliant business plan? Have you done any valuable market research? Do you have a unique process of evaluating new products and arriving at your range? Are you able to convey a sense of your whole business working as a team?Each award will be judged according to the requirements of that category. Some will see shortlisted candidates visited by the judges. Others will call upon finalists to give a presentation on why they believe they deserve the award. Each panel contains representatives from the sponsoring company, plus an independent expert judge, selected in agreement with British Baker. A British Baker staff member then joins each of the final judging panels to help decide the finalists, who will take the trip to the Awards ceremony in London, as well as the overall category winner. l Just attaching corporate brochures to the application is a sure-fire way of boring the judges, who are more likely to be impressed by a personalised application l If relevant to your category, highlight any training and staff development that has taken place and its results —-=== confirmed categories ===The Customer Focus Awardsponsored by BakeMark —-=== Top 10 do’s: for a winning entry ===l Don’t think your business is too small – or at too early a stage – for you to enter. These Awards are open to all bakers. You’ve got to be in it to win it, so call today for an entry form! l You do not have to list every business achievement. Selectively compiled press clippings or mentions of other awards won is more likely to impress than listing your HACCP or BRC accreditations, for example Baker of the Yearsponsored by Vandemoortele l Others, who are customers of the sponsor, will load their application with information about what they have done for the sponsoring company in the past year, which will in no way advance your cause l Not tailoring the information in the entry form to the category you’re entering is a frequent mistake l Don’t be afraid to shout about your success – be proud of what you have achieved l Where relevant, include good quality photographs of your products in your entry pack. These will usually catch the judges’ eye. Remember, a good picture can speak a thousand words The Innovation Awardsponsored by ASDA l Make sure the entry form is completed clearly and legibly and that you answer all the questions fully l If you are selected for a judging visit, gather together any training material or any other information. This is a great way to showcase your success Deadline for entries is Friday 1st May, so don’t delay! l Paint a clear picture of your business, tell us how you adapt to changes, and make sure you highlight your unique selling points l Get members of staff involved in entering – don’t do it all yourself. That way it’s a team effort and employees will learn a good deal more about your business during the entry process Bakery Food Manufacturerof the Yearsponsored byADM Milling l If you don’t succeed, don’t be disheartened. Look at the process as a positive way of evaluating yourself or the business. And don’t forget, try again! The Achievementin Bakery Training Awardsponsored by Rich Products l Describe plans and objectives you have for the future. Judges want to see that you are forward-thinking l Do not over-pad the entry form. Remember, the judges will be sifting through stacks of entries, so something succinct and memorable will stand you in good stead l The best candidates will be able to show tangible business benefits – whether it’s an increase in sales or an industry first Trainee Bakerof the Yearsponsored jointly by Improve and the National SkillsAcademy Celebration Cake Maker of the Yearsponsored by renshawnapier l It’s easy to overlook the obvious things, such as sending good quality images of your products to give the judges an instant visual impression of what you’re about Bakery Supplier of the Yearsponsored by Sainsbury’s The Craft Business Awardsponsored byRank Hovis l The flipside of that is not enough detail. Do not assume the judges know about your business or your achievements Rules of the gameA company may enter more than one category, BUT different company represen- tatives must enter each of the chosen categories. No one person can enter more than one category. The winner of each of the categories will receive a trophy, while finalists receive a certificate.Remember your business’ reputation alone will not be enough to get you shortlisted. Past Baking Industry Awards have seen major industry figures and out- standing businesses and products failing to make the cut, based on their submitted applications. So it is crucial not to overlook the importance of this first step to being recognised as the best business in your chosen category.If you need advice on how to put together a winning entry, why not speak to other entrants or past winners? First and foremost, putting together an application should be a fun and valuable process in finding out what exactly it is about your business that makes it special. We wish you the best of luck!—-=== Top 10 don’ts: most common mistakes ===l Entrants sometimes think that they have to be a customer of the category sponsor to enter, which is not true l Simply being great at what you do is not always enough to stand out from the crowd. Can you pinpoint anything you’ve done in the past year that warrants industry recognition?last_img read more

In Short

first_imgBig supply dealDistribution company JJ Food Service has struck a multi-million pound deal, which will see it supply ambient, chilled and frozen products to Cooks the Bakery stores across the UK. The open-ended contract, worth £4m per year, covers 72 Cooks stores, previously supplied by 3663.Muntons’ investmentMuntons Malted Ingredients has invested £180,000 in its liquid extract packing area. The improvements are designed to help the firm maintain and improve its product quality, overall food safety and ensure shelf-life requirements are met.Cargill’s first deliveryCargill Cocoa & Chocolate has just taken delivery of its first sustainable cocoa beans, produced from UTZ-certified farming co-operatives. As the crop harvest continues into next year, Cargill has said the use of beans from these certified sources will be extended to the entire product portfolio.Apprenticeship driveEngineering firms across England are being urged to show their commitment to apprenticeships by displaying a new apprenticeship employer’s ’badge’ on their websites or stationery. Over 80% of people are more likely to use a firm if it offers apprenticeships to young people, according to The National Apprenticeship Service.SSP’s hospital focusMarks & Spencer franchise partner SSP UK is negotiating to open Simply Food stores in hospitals. Up to 20 could be opened over the next five years.Egg campaign’Time for Eggs’ is the theme of British Lion Eggs’ £1m marketing campaign for 2010. This will reinforce the health, cost, convenience and culinary benefits of eggs. with high-profile campaigns targeting consumers, health professionals and a range of opinion-formers.last_img read more

Reporting in Quash erroneous beliefs on bread

first_imgGordon Polsondirector, Federationof BakersEarlier this year, research commissioned jointly by the Federation of Bakers and the Flour Advisory Board and carried out by the University of Portsmouth found that up to 20% of adults think they suffer from a food allergy or intolerance. However, evidence suggests that the real prevalence is less than 2%.The report suggested that over half of the British population believes that wheat allergy is a common illness and, in 2009, wheat was the most commonly self-reported food allergen. It seems we are fighting against a ’perceived’ problem in the minds of our consumers. So how do we go about tackling this?There is no doubt that genuine food allergies can be very difficult to live with, but, for many, the problem of allergies and intolerances is not a reality. One major problem appears to be misdiagnosis.Food allergy is usually investigated by a skin prick test by a medical professional in conjunction with an elimination diet. At present, there are no validated tests for diagnosing food intolerance, although diagnosis is usually through avoidance. This leaves the path to misdiagnosis wide open.However, it is also important that people do not put their health at risk by unnecessarily avoiding wheat. We have to investigate where these misconceptions are coming from and why people are developing negative associations with bread. The media must be held partly responsible, as well as irresponsible pseudo health professionals who prey on a public so concerned with health. We must continue to encourage people to see bread as the healthy food it is and quash these harmful erroneous beliefs.last_img read more

Bakery challenge

first_imgBakery competitions are seeing a revival in the trade, writes Andrew Williams.The 2010 Bakery Challenge is the latest to capture the imagination of bakers in the north west of England. Entrants’ cakes were displayed at the Bako North Western Family Fun Day in June for attendants to enjoy, including a wonderful celebration cake with a whimsical garden scene and a large castle made completely out of chocolate rice krispies, which was entered into the innovation category.Winners and runners-up were presented with their awards on the day, with judging having taken place at Bako North Western’s ’Bakory’ facility, by Peter Lonican, John Robertshaw and Patrick Moore all experienced bakers and judges. John Robertshaw commented that “the competition was very tough, with a lot of products reaching beyond the standards of the previous year, which made the judging process extremely difficult”.The event was bigger and better this year, featuring a number of how-to masterclasses in using new ingredients. Among them was Puratos, which was demonstrating Cryst-o-fil a pre-crystallised chocolate filling, containing 50% Belgian chocolate, which can be used to make ganaches and carries crispy inclusions, flavours and alcohol. “It’s time-saving, as opposed making ganache the real way, where you will have to boil the cream and mix the chocolate, and then go through the process of crystallising the product, which takes time and effort,” said George Spain of Puratos. “Using Cryst-o-fil will eradicate that and make it a faster process. There are lots of things you can do with it and it’s already being used widely by chocolatiers.” Also on show were Renshaw’s new natural coloured icings used on decorated cupcakes designed not to make your kids go nuts.The idea was to offer live demonstrations, so that visitors could ask questions about costs and retail price and, hopefully, find a product idea with a 200% return. “This is all about introducing new people into bakery,” said Andy Hodgson, Bako NW’s head of sales and marketing, “and also getting ideas across to the high street baker. We’re not trying to teach bakers how to bake; we want to show them that some of these ideas are quite simple and have a much higher margin; cake pops are a good example of a product that sits on the counter that is an additional sale, an impulse buy, that can generate an additional £30, £50 or £80 a day.””The objective is to get as many of our suppliers to show as many of our customers new and innovative ways for their bakeries to prosper,” added Mark Tomlinson, CEO of Bako NW. “We are a co-operative, so making money is not the be-all and end-all for us. Of course, we have to stay viable and expand, but bakers will always be the core of our business and we want to see them thrive.” The Bako North Western Bakery Challenge 2011 winners Category 1400g Multiseed Loaf1stGreenhalgh’s, Bolton2ndWesses Bakehouse, MarketHarborough3rdGeary’s Bakeries, LoughboroughCategory 26 Assorted Commercial Fancies1stM Ray, Merseyside2ndHunters the Bakers, Bolton3rdArthur Chatwin, CheshireCategory 3200g Shortcrust Traditional Pasties1stM Ray, Merseyside2ndGreenhalgh’s, Bolton3rdBev’s Bakery, StaffordshireCategory 48-inch Square Celebration Cake1stShuga Budz, Wolverhampton2ndIced of Garstang, Garstang3rdM Ray, MerseysideCategory 5Battenberg Cake1stM Ray, Merseyside2ndHunters Bakery, Bolton3rdW Mandeville, CheshireCategory 6Innovation: Cluster Cakes1stShuga Budz, Wolverhampton2ndClassic Cakes, Stockport3rdHunters the Bakers, Boltonlast_img read more


first_imgQOne of our employees is responsible for placing all our stationery orders. The supplier we use regularly runs competitions and, this month, our employee has been selected as its winner; the prize is a digital camera. This has caused bad feeling among other staff and a few have proposed that it is raffled off for a local charity. We don’t have a problem with this, but the winner is refusing to hand it over; he claims the camera is legally his. So does it belong to us (as it was our order) or our employee (because he was the contact name when it was placed)?AUnfortunately, many suppliers do this. Rather than being a “prize”, the item on offer is really just an incentive for customers to place orders; the same rule applies to free gifts. However, the bottom line is that this type of item belongs to you, not your employee, no matter what he says. This is because, when the order was placed, he was acting on your behalf during the course of his employment, in other words, it wasn’t his personal order. So it is perfectly acceptable for you to demand that he hand the prize over. If you wish to raffle it off as suggested, that is entirely your choice. Alternatively, it could be retained as a business asset. Energy efficiency certificates We have had a couple of enquiries recently from members saying that someone has contacted them informing them that they have to have an ’Energy Efficiency Certificate’. If they didn’t they could be fined £5,000. This is totally untrue; the only time you would need this certificate would be if you were selling or leasing/renting a property.Further information and details are available at: http://tinyurl.com/64pws73.last_img read more

Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey says he plans to see out his contract

first_img Facebook Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey says he plans to see out his contract IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend MarketSports Facebook Google+ Google+ Pinterest By Carl Stutsman – March 26, 2020 1 542 Twitter Twitter (Photo supplied/ABC 57) After having a disappointing season cut short by the coronavirus we now know more about Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Head Coach Mike Brey’s plans for the future. The short of it is, he isn’t going anywhere. In an interview with BlueandGold.com Brey said that he has every intention on seeing out the end of his current contract with the university.Back in 2018 Brey signed a three year extension that has him under contract until 2025. By the time his contract is up that would make him the longest tenured coach in the history Notre Dame’s men’s basketball program. He is already the winningest coach in program history. In the interview Brey said “I want to lead this program to a Final Four before I’m outta here”.Read the full article from Blue and Gold here Previous articleNotre Dame researchers study spread, effects of COVID-19Next articleAs more tests come back Indiana’s number of confirmed COVID cases rises again Carl Stutsman WhatsApp WhatsApp Pinterestlast_img read more