Faculty PT- Dissertation Mentor – PhD Education/Doctor of Education (Virtual)

first_imgWalden University is an accredited institution that has beenserving the higher education needs of professionals for more than45 years. Offered online, Walden’s doctoral degree programs aredesigned to provide a diverse community of career professionalswith the opportunity to transform themselves asscholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive socialchange.GENERAL SUMMARY:The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership seeksdynamic, engaged, and supportive doctoral faculty research mentorsthat have strong communication and learning-relationship skills forthis part-time position in the Ph.D. in Education and Doctor ofEducation programs. Key responsibilities of this position are tofacilitate doctoral student learning during the dissertation anddoctoral capstone phase of their program and to engage and supportdoctoral students as emerging scholar-practitioners.These contributing, part-time faculty will be invited to serve aschairs and second members of dissertation committees within variousPh.D. in Education and Doctor of Education programs. Priority willbe given to those with K-12 and/or special educationexperience.What to expect as a Walden contributing faculty member:Faculty members educate Walden University students by effectivelyand proficiently using online technology and resources so thatknowledge, information, feedback, and critique are imparted to andshared with students in thoughtful, carefully formulated, wellwritten, and timely communications. This is accomplished in anenvironment that is respectful of student, the Faculty Member,Walden University, and the discipline in which the Faculty Memberis involved. Faculty Members are expected to adhere to all WaldenUniversity Faculty expectations, which are clearly set forth to theFaculty Member at the start of his/her employment with theUniversity.General Expectations Include:•Supportive engagement at all times – build positive rapport,openness, trust, mutual inquiry and listening to students to helpthem learn, discover and apply research skills.•Effective online communications to maintain teaching and socialpresence and to stimulatecritical thinking and “learning to learn” skills.Responsibilities of this position include: Committee Membership:This position is primarily to serve on dissertation committees.Committee chairs are assigned to committee-related research forumsand are expected to check and respond to students as required bythe faculty handbook and program policy.Doctoral Faculty Members must be appropriately credentialed,possess an earned degree from an accredited institution orrecognized by a country’s ministry of education in the disciplinebeing taught.EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE:Earned doctorate in education or a closely related field froman accredited university.K-12 and/or special education experience preferredExperience chairing dissertation committees to the completionof dissertation process.Candidates should possess a significant and current record ofprofessional contributions to the field of education. Record of thestudy of K-12 environments and/or special education isdesirable.Commitment to advocating for the learning and development needsof students earning their degrees in an eLearning environment.Teaching, advising and mentoring; commitment to the promotionof scholarly research; excellent leadership, communication, team,and human relations skills.May be invited to perform other duties and responsibilitiesthat management may deem necessary from time to time.Ideally, a candidate should be able to demonstrate:•Success at building effective student learning relationships thatsupport mutual inquiry and doctoral quality student progress andlearning outcomes. This includes the ability to provide clearexpectations and helping students “know what to do next”.•Strong servant leadership dispositions. This includes the abilityto listen carefully to students, and to be approachable andsupportive within Walden’s policies.•Strong time-management and co-project management skills.Ideally, a candidate should be strongly committed to:•Advocating for the learning and development needs of studentsearning their degrees in a distance learning environment.•Supporting the development of Walden University students to fosterpositive social change as scholar-practitioners.•Best practices in teaching, research, advising andmentoring.•The ongoing professional development of themselves asfaculty.•The willingness to perform other duties and responsibilities thatmanagement may deem necessary from time to time.Training:All new Faculty Members receive specific training from WaldenUniversity with respect to best practices in online learningfacilitation, doctoral mentoring, and effective supervision andreview of dissertations. They also receive socialization into theWalden University culture of quality, integrity, andstudent-learning centeredness and an orientation in their specificdegree program.Technology Proficiency/Requirements:Faculty members are expected to maintain a high level of technicalproficiency and have a strong commitment to learning newtechnologies. Faculty are required to have computer and softwareresources that enable effective delivery of academic services to adisbursed community of learners. The Faculty Member must be able touse Microsoft Office products, and must have reliable Internetaccess as well as alternate access as needed.TRAVEL:Some travel may be requested (maximally once perquarter). Serve as first or second member of dissertationcommittees.Will be asked to complete Walden- and program-based trainingbefore first assignment. Follow-up training will also be requiredby the university from time to time.May be asked to participate in program and university-basedresidencies.last_img read more

Tragic death of German tutor at St John’s College

first_imgThames Valley Police, though, are still treating the death as “unexplained” and are “awaiting the result of a post mortem examination”.Members of the college have been quick to pay tribute to Mrs Loftus, who received a University Teaching Award in 2007 for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Sir Michael Scholar described her as “a fine teacher” who “will be very much missed”.One second-year student admitted, “Everyone in college is shocked”. Both said that their thoughts were with Mrs Loftus’ family. Meanwhile, fears are being raised about some of the staircases in St. John’s. According to another undergraduate, there are many steep and “dangerous” staircases in the older parts of the college. He described Mrs Loftus’ fatal fall as “an accident waiting to happen”. A Lecturer in German at St. John’s College, Mrs Gudrun Loftus, has died after sustaining what a police statement described as “serious injuries”. Mrs Loftus, 52, was taken to the John Radcliffe hospital after her body was discovered at the foot of a spiral flight of stairs at 6.45am on Tuesday morning of this week. She was declared dead shortly after 10 am. An email sent by the Principal Bursar of St. John’s, Andrew Parker, to members of the college on Wednesday morning said that Mrs Loftus had died after “an accidental fall on a staircase”. A statement released by Sir Michael Scholar, College President, reiterated the view that the incident was a “tragic accident”. The email said: “Members of the College will be aware of the deeply unfortunate death of Mrs Gudrun Loftus, following an accidental fall on a staircase within the College.” All students at St John’s College were urged not to speak to the press so that the event does not “become the focus of inaccurate speculation.”last_img read more

Flanders Hotel Gargoyles: Scary and Fishy

first_imgOne of the gargoyles decorating the Flanders Hotel displays its menacing teeth. By Tim KellyYou’ve undoubtedly passed them, probably without much notice, if you’re an Ocean City resident or visitor.They’ve been around for almost a century, standing sentry over one of the city’s best-known landmarks.They are the gargoyles of the Flanders Hotel, some of the most unique architectural elements of the 96-year-old building.Gargoyles are small statues of mythical monsters that adorn many historic buildings throughout the world. There were popular for centuries. Until the 1960s, gargoyles were said to ward off evil spirits.“Because they were supposed to stand up to these spirits, they made them look mean,” said Peter Voudouris, director of operations of the Flanders Hotel at 11th Street and the Boardwalk.Some of the seashore-themed gargoyles are “fish monsters.”At the Flanders, the gargoyles have an Ocean City flair: many are depicted as grotesque “fish monsters.”The statues can be found decorating the walls of the nine-story, 117-unit hotel, and also inside at Emily’s Ocean Room restaurant. There, two of the fish statues flank the sides of the restaurant’s new fireplace. Their faces are contorted into an evil smile, showing menacing teeth.Alex Bethke is a local historian who helped Voudouris research the building and its many quirky features and who spearheaded the effort resulting in the building being placed on the National Register of Historic places.“Alex told me our building’s architect was very enamored by the Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel in Atlantic City. That building had many gargoyles,” Voudouris said of the Atlantic City landmark built in 1906 and demolished in 1978.The architect, Vivian Smith, of Philadelphia, who also designed Ocean City’s Music Pier and the Chatterbox restaurant, placed numerous gargoyles and other ornamental cement elements onto the hotel’s walls. The historic Flanders Hotel is one of Ocean City’s treasured landmarks.The exact number of gargoyles at the Flanders is unknown, according to Voudouris. “That’s a good question,” he said. “Many of them are not obvious. You have to look for them. Once you start finding them, you realize there are a lot.”Voudouris said many sculptors and architects of the era created gargoyles and other ornamental elements to reflect the building’s surroundings. Hence, the Flanders’ depictions of fish, lobsters, crabs, ships and sea shells. Though pleasing or interesting to the eye, the gargoyles have a functional purpose as well.“They are placed on the sides of buildings to protrude out and divert rainwater away from the walls,” Voudouris said. “The rainwater hits the statue and rolls off its front, and not straight down the walls.”The gargoyles and other ornamental cement work are just as clearly defined as they were upon their installation in 1923.Many of the gargoyles are strategically placed around the building’s windows. From ground level they appear to be fancy trim. Upon closer inspection, the mythical creatures emerge. Those particular gargoyles are painted a dark green color, as they were originally, Voudouris said.Others are the natural gray color of the cement. It may be debatable as to their effectiveness against evil spirits, but not their ability to withstand wind-blown sand, hurricanes, a fire and Superstorm Sandy.“I had a cement guy here doing some repair work and he was marveling at the durability of the figures,” Voudouris noted. “He said they mixed cement a lot differently (when the Flanders was built). They mixed it to last. Those figures have stood the test of time.”A visual tour of the Flanders reveals the aforementioned gargoyles, and also many examples of the Flanders crest. Voudouris said he expects a large crowd of celebrants for the annual Mother’s Day brunch at the property. Those planning to attend might want to look skyward at the building and check out one of Ocean City’s less appreciated visual treats.  Lobsters, crabs and sea shells abound on many of the Flanders’ ornamental concrete elements.last_img read more

Team dynamics led to axing of next years St Mikes football program

first_imgTORONTO — The interim president of a Roman Catholic all-boys school rocked by student-on-student abuse allegations said on Thursday that only the football program was cancelled for next year because of the particular dynamics on those teams.At the same time, Andrew Leon said there was no reason to suspend any of the coaches at the private St. Michael’s College School. “There have been no incidents involving any of these coaches. The coaches were not allowed in the locker room,” Leon said. “There is no reason to assign responsibility to anyone besides the perpetrators.”The school has expelled eight of its 1,060 students in recent weeks amid an active police investigation into at least two videotaped incidents allegedly showing some students sexually abusing or physically assaulting other students in a locker-room or washroom. The situation garnered widespread public attention, sparked angst and anger within the school community, and led to the resignation of its two top officials.Six students face assault and sexual assault charges.While the varsity basketball season was cancelled for this year, Leon said only the junior and varsity football programs had been scrapped for the next academic year. He cited “incidents in the recent past” involving the football program that have come to light but which have had not necessarily been made public. All relevant information, he said, has been passed onto the police.“This information, along with concerns we have heard about the overall dynamics on these teams, contributed to our decision,” Leon said. “We made a very hard decision to suspend two sports where more work needs to be done.”Leon said there had been no complaints about the hockey program. “We can only act on what we know, and we are doing everything to find out.”While he said he had no information as to whether any parents had opted to take their children out of the St. Mike’s in light of the allegations, Leon did say applications to the school remained strong.Despite the school’s directive to students to refrain from wearing their uniforms in public as a safety measure, Leon said no incidents had occurred and the request had been rescinded.“There has been no indication of student safety issues on this, so they are allowed to wear their uniforms with pride in public,” he said.In all, the school has begun implementation of an eight-point plan to deal with the fallout from the allegations. The measures include the establishment of a four-person “respect and culture” review panel to investigate and report back by the summer. Whether and in what form the independent panel’s report will be made public will be up the school’s board.The school has also put in place a tip line for students to report any concerns or allegations.“Somewhere along the line, we missed something grave and we are committed to identifying and fixing it,” Leon said. “My goal has been to understand the truth, even if it is hard to hear, because only then can we move forward in a meaningful way.” Colin Perkel, The Canadian Presslast_img read more