Solitaire for Windows is no longer fully free and has DLC

first_imgLike the Start Menu, Solitaire is making a triumphant return in Windows 10. It’s coming with a few changes, though, and you may not like one of them. The new game is getting the freemium treatment, so prepare for in-game advertising.By now, you may have grown so accustomed to ads in your mobile games that you’ll simply tune them out in Solitaire. Should you find the loading screen interstitials irritating, however, they’ll cost you $1.49 per month (or $9.99 per year) to remove them. It’s the same price Microsoft was charging for the “premium” Solitaire Collection when Windows 8 was released. The big difference is that you had to grab the game from the Windows Store on your own. With Windows 10, Microsoft is injecting it right back in to Windows.You do get more than ad-free card games, at least. In addition to removing the ads, your subscription gets you bonus coins that you can spend on DLC. It also gives you an advantage in two of the games in the bundle — TriPeaks and Pyramid — and some players might actually think that’s worth paying for.Ultimately, Solitaire may be the first in a series of moves like this. Windows 10 is arriving in an era where the lines have blurred between desktop and mobile operating systems, and we’ve gotten rather used to getting mobile software for free. With Windows 10, it finally looks like Microsoft is preparing to walk down that path on the desktop, too.If they’re not charging you for the software, then they’ll be looking to make money somewhere. You only need to look as far as your phone to see how profitable freemium apps and DLC can be. So while you may never have to pay for a subscription just to use Windows, you might wind up having to pay to get rid of the annoying adverts it’s stuffed with — if Solitaire is an indicator of where things are headed.last_img read more