It’s obvious who should be blamed for the Raiders’ football ops drama

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile deviceNone of this should come as a surprise.I’m not talking about the Raiders’ 0-3 start. That’s only somewhat surprising. (I’ll say this: they’re certainly the best winless team in the NFL.)No, I’m referencing the NFL Network report that surfaced Sunday morning that said Raiders coach Jon Gruden has his own scouting staff and that there’s strife amongst the Raiders’ front office as Gruden has effectively quarantined …last_img read more

What To Do if the Windows 7 Update Bricked Your Samsung Phone

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Option #1: Try a Hard ResetAt first, Microsoft forum moderators were recommending a “hard reset” to fix update issues before they were aware of the Samsung problem. If you’re not sure if you have the Samsung bug or something else, you should probably try a hard reset first as it would be the simplest solution.To perform a hard reset, do the following (steps courtesy of MyNokiaBlog):Press and hold the Camera, Volume Down, and Power buttons simultaneously.Release Power when the phone vibrates, but continue to hold down Camera and Volume Down.Release Camera and Volume Down when the Format prompt is displayed on screen.Press Windows key twice to confirm the hard reset.Option #2: Try a RestoreNext, there’s the option to restore your Windows Phone to its default state. This may or may not resolve the issue, but if your phone is already dead, it’s at least worth a shot.The restore process would return the phone to its previous state prior to the update. However, any changes between the last sync with the Zune desktop software and the phone would be lost. This includes text messages, ringtones, music downloads and settings changed.To attempt a restore, do the following:Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable that came with your phone. (This should be the PC you typically use to sync with Zune). Launch Zune and in the Zune software, click Settings > Phone > Update. (If you have a Mac, you can use the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac to download available Windows Phone updates.)Click Restore.Follow the on-screen instructions in the Zune software.If successful, this will bring your phone back to a working state.Option #3: Reflash the Firmware Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Firmware I8700XXJK1 ## 2010 November CSC_Cetus_Europe_I8700XENJK1: (rar-file password: Samsung WP7 Flash Program: Mobile USB Drivers V5.2: Guide (English): / install downloaded files (FYI: an unrar program for Windows users is WinRAR)Make sure the phone is disconnected from computer and turned offReboot computer and allow the drivers to complete the install.Start the Samsung WP7 Flash Program.Turn on the phone in “download mode” and then connect it to the computer.Drag the 4 files from the unpacked firmware rar-file to the Samsung WP7 Flash Program dialog screen. The application will place each file in the correct field.When the phone is recognized you can use the “Start” button to start the flashing process. DO NOT INTERUPT THIS PROCESS!When the flashing is done (approximately 15 minutes later) the phone will automatically reboot and show the welcome screen.More information on flashing the firmware on the Omnia 7 is available in the Flash guide you downloaded.  The source/credit for downloads is – registration required. Option #4: Return the Phone to Your Carrier/ManufacturerUnfortunately, if none of the above steps worked for you, the only option remaining is to return the phone to your mobile operator or hardware manufacturer. Here’s the forum post from a WP7 support moderator recommending this as your final option if you need some sort of hard proof to show the rep at your local store.The problem with this last solution is that, in many cases, carriers will point fingers at phone manufacturers while manufacturers will point fingers at carriers and at Microsoft and no one will actually step up to take responsibility for the matter. Good luck if this is your only option! (Feel like an early adopter now?)Image credits: Winrumors One forum poster had success by flashing the firmware on his Samsung Omnia 7. Obviously, this is not an officially supported solution and it requires a bit of technical know-how if you choose to try this method. Again, this may or may not work for you. However, several other forum users have claimed success by following these steps.All credit for these steps goes to forum member SConign.Here’s how to proceed:Check if the phone is capable of getting into the “Download Mode.” To do this: Turn off the phone (or remove and replace the battery), then turn it back on by pressing the power/camera/VolumeUP buttons simultaneously. When the phone turns on, release the power button. If the phone shows the yellow triangle with exclamation and a “Download Mode” message, your phone is capable of getting into the “Download Mode,” and you can proceed to the next step.Download the following files (be warned: is loaded with huge  ads and pop-ups):  Yesterday, Microsoft publicly addressed the reports that its first Windows Phone 7 update was “bricking” users’ handsets – that is, effectively turning them into non-functional paperweights after the update was downloaded to the device. According to Microsoft’s official statement on the matter, only 10% of users experienced problems with the update, and of those, only half (5%) had a problem that was unrelated to an issue on their end – like low disk space or a bad Internet connection. As had been reported, the only devices affected by this issue were Samsung phones, Microsoft said, although it didn’t confirm which models specifically.But what of those 5% whose phones are now dead? Here, Microsoft was less clear, simply pointing users to various online resources like FAQs and forums. What are these users supposed to do? We may have some suggestions for you.In Microsoft’s blog post, the company pointed users to the following sites: the online troubleshooter, its Windows Phone forum and its list of Windows Phone update articles. For those having run-of-the-mill technical issues, the online troubleshooter is probably the best bet. But for those who have actually encountered the Samsung bug, there are other options that may better serve you. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Tags:#How To#Microsoft#mobile#news#web sarah perez Related Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

7 Things to Consider When Shooting on Retro Film Stock

first_imgIn this interview, we talk with the filmmakers behind “1985” about the challenges they faced shooting on retro film stock.All images via 1985.Fresh off of its world premiere at SXSW Film Festival 2018, Yen Tan’s “1985” made a homecoming stop at the Dallas International Film Festival (where it took top prize in the festival’s Texas Narrative Competition). Director of Photography HutcH took a moment to chat about shooting “1985” on film stock (Kodak Double X Negative, to be exact — one of Kodak’s oldest still in production) and some helpful advice for all film stock filmmakers to consider.1. Do Your Research“When we were first starting out on this project, Yen Tan (the director) and I sat down and looked at a lot of different format options. We chose to shoot on Kodak Double X negative film, which is the oldest film stock still made to give our film a timeless aspect. The story and the characters are the most important part, not just the era, so we wanted to put all the focus on that aspect so the audience wouldn’t be distracted by the era.”“1985” is the story of a closeted young man returning to his Texas hometown for Christmas during the first wave of the AIDS crisis. Shot in black and white, the film’s star Adrian (Cory Michael Smith) becomes the focus as the film lures you in with a slow burn pace. The grain and contrast truly does make it feel timeless and relevant — rather than a time capsule of a particular time and place.2. Photography First“Before I ever shot a movie on film, I learned a lot from shooting still photography on reversal film stocks. Reversal film isn’t as forgiving as negative film, so you really have to nail the exposure. Since you are working with individual still frames, you are able to experiment with exposure on a frame by frame basis and really see how light reacts to the stock.”For HutcH, who has shot other films like Some Beasts and “Minor Setback,” shooting on film is more than just a stylistic preference. Learning to shoot still photography first is great advice for any aspiring filmmaker — even more so for those looking to go into cinematography and work with film in the future. It teaches you respect for the medium, as well as a detailed understanding of all the concepts and principles you’ll need later.3. Test as Much as Possible“We did extensive camera and film stock tests before we actually began production. With our processing turnaround, we knew we wouldn’t be getting dailies to review each day, so we had to be sure of our workflow and process from the very beginning.”This is especially true for those shooting on film for the first time — you should test everything from cameras to film stock to processing workflows. By the time you actually roll, as was the case with “1985,” you should know with 100% certainty how your footage will look in all types of environments and lighting conditions.4. Load Carefully“We had a pretty packed shooting schedule, which meant changing lots of film rolls often in short time frames. If you’re not careful and not loading in complete darkness, you can damage your film stock and ruin a whole day’s footage.”Loading film stock was another aspect HutcH learned to respect by getting started in photography. Trial and error is always a great way to learn anything, so messing up a load and ruining some film on a small photography shoot is a much better learning experience than doing so on an expensive film set.5. Dynamic Range“Most digital cameras today have 14 or more stops of dynamic range. Our film stock, however, had 3 stops — which is similar to an old VHS camcorder from the ’80s. This is what gives the film its stark appearance.”When making their film stock decision, HutcH and director Yen Tan wanted this vintage aesthetic. However, when shooting on old film stock, the decreased dynamic range creates a whole world of problems (or possibilities depending on how you look at it) with lighting and creating contrasts and grain in every shot.6. Embrace the Grain“We specifically chose the grainiest film stock that we could find. We knew there would be quite a bit of static camera work in the film, which can be difficult for modern audiences to embrace. Having a heavily textured image can subconsciously add motion through the dancing film grain that creeps into even the most static of shots to give viewers something to latch onto.”While HutcH and Yen Tan embraced the grain to help give their film its style and aesthetic, it also meant a lot of work for HutcH in post: cleaning up dust and scratches shot by shot and frame by frame, at times.7. Processing Timelines“We didn’t really have dailies per se; instead, our scanning process involved sending in our reels to a cinelab in Boston, who used a 4K HDR scanner before sending us back footage in batches for us to review and edit. We’d get footage back about once a week, so instead of having dailies, we had weeklies.”The process of sending footage off to be scanned and processed shouldn’t come as a surprise for those who have worked with film stock before, but if you’re just starting off and deciding between film and digital, you’re going to have a rude awakening if you’re used to reviewing footage right away. The scanning process is far from quick, easy, or cheap.To find out more about “1985,” you can follow the film at its website here. For more filmmaking tips and tricks, check out these articles.5 Tips for Shooting a Period Film on a Tight BudgetFilmmaking Advice: Why You Should Consider Shooting in Black and White7 Indie Filmmaking Tips for Shooting Day for NightEverything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About FilmAdding Film Grain Overlays | PremiumBeat.comlast_img read more