A manageable oil and gas formula for a better economy

first_imgDear Editor,Our new-found oil and gas resources should not be used as bargaining chips by any political party. The revenue from these resources belong to all of Guyana and we should work assiduously to ensure equitable access via programmes that would improve the livelihood of all Guyanese, thereby, bringing the largest possible percentage of our citizens to a level playing field.Socialism should be repudiated, since the regression to any situation where we are dependent on any Government for our livelihood will create a mentality of dependency and invalidate the efforts of those that position themselves via commitment and hard work. It’s like giving prizes to the last place participant in a race.What is more manageable and will prove fruitful is a scenario where policies and programmes are designed to provide training programmes on tertiary and vocational levels at zero cost thereby, upgrading our workforceAlso, there needs to be easier access to funding for entrepreneurs with viable business models, since it’s proven that the middle class and small businesses do, in fact, drive a developed/developing economy.The final perspective is that Government and political players should not have unlimited access and control to revenue from oil resources. Their capacity to spend should be limited to a prescribed amount on 5-year projections where the access is determined for the lifetime of their political cycle. And the balance of these revenues should be over watched by an independent, qualified body with several layers of over watch and scrutiny.This is one of the only viable formulas for long-term success and growth of our new oil and gas Industry. God bless Guyana.Sincerely,Ranfred Williamslast_img read more