President needs to announce a date for elections now

first_imgDear Editor,Why is it that the APNU/AFC coalition is so engrossed in the presidential candidate of the PPP/C? First, they spent a huge chunk of our scarce financial resources to deny Dr Jagdeo a third term as the President of this country even though it is clear that the sovereignty of the people is paramount and that the Constitution should not have denied the citizens the right to choose their presidents and as many times as they wish. The constitutional amendment abrogated this right. The Caribbean Court of Justice upturned the decision of Guyana’s High Court and Appeal Courts; denying the sovereignty of the Guyanese nation. During this entire process, they and their propaganda machinery made scandalous and libellous statements against Dr Jagdeo in a vain attempt to besmirch his impeccable character. They denied him the third term but underestimated the tenacity and commitment of this man to halt the socio-economic retrogression and ensure that the Guyanese people can once again enjoy the high standard of living they have become accustomed to under the PPP/C. They also underestimated his ability to bring down their Government!Secondly, having failed in that bid, they used SOCU to institute frivolous and unsubstantiated criminal charges against the former Ministers of the PPP/C Government in another futile attempt to thwart the selection of its Presidential candidate. They were cognisant that Irfaan Ali and Anil Nandlall would be on the forefront, so they ensured that these flippant criminal charges were instituted. However, they once again underestimated the courageous leadership of the Party. He mimicked Amna Ally’s “bring it on” and in his own inimitable style, dared the coalition. He knew that these charges would not ‘hold water’ and was just a strategy to derail the selection process of the presidential candidate. However, they went further and attacked the academic achievements of Irfaan Ali since by then they were fully aware that the criminal charges would fail since the High Court ordered the discontinuation by the Chief Magistrate. In the end, the democratic selection process of the PPP bore fruit and Irfaan Ali was elected as the presidential candidate.Having thus far failed, the APNU/AFC then embarked on a mission to divide the PPP. They began using fake profiles claiming to be PPP supporters to show “disappointment and disgust” at Irfaan’s election and claimed that their “choice” is Anil Nandlall and Frank Anthony. Some even wore ‘red’ in order to convince the people that they are PPP members and supporters. Some ex-PPP members living abroad assisted in this quest to divide the PPP. However, once again the APNU/AFC underestimated the intelligence of the ‘die-hard’ members and supporters of the PPP, they quickly saw through this shameless charade! PPP members and supporters have learnt their lesson from the AFC and will not be tricked to leave their ‘home’ again!This now brings me to the million-dollar question: Why is the APNU/ AFC silent about the selection of Granger as their presidential candidate. This is a grave travesty (no pun intended)! It is an accepted fact that Granger’s health does not allow him to be “fit and proper” and that someone else should be the presidential candidate. In fact, the grapevine has communicated that Moses Nagamootoo is nominated for an Oscar Award as the Best Actor in a Supporting Role. It is an insult to this nation that apart from having hordes of geriatrics in the Government and its departments we are now having for a second term a presidential candidate who is terminally ill and cannot withstand the rigours of the Office. These ‘PPP’ fakes should make this the centre of their attention and priority!However, the APNU and the AFC have now realised that should they try to elect someone else as the presidential candidate; Armageddon will break loose among their ranks. This time it may not be gunshots in the air. Furthermore, Basil Williams has now ensured that those PNC stalwarts with dual citizenship will be left begging at the door. So to avoid the tsunami, they decided to stick with Granger but this will backfire in the near future. In addition, the selection of Nagamootoo as the Prime Ministerial candidate is against the founding principles of the AFC which stipulated that there should be a rotation of the top position by the founding members, namely, Ramjattan and Trotman. But I guess Nagamootoo has achieved excellence in his subservient role on behalf of these two discarded founders.We have had enough diversions from the business at hand, let us now focus on the fact that Elections must be held by March 19 and this Government must resign and facilitate the electoral process. The President needs to announce a date for the imminent General and Regional Elections!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC CouncillorRegion Sixlast_img read more

Cuban shot during Regent St robbery

first_imgCity Constabulary ranks set up barriers moments after the vendor was shot on Regent Street, GeorgetownA Cuban vendor was shot during a robbery outside a Regent Street, Georgetown store around midday on Wednesday.The injured woman has been identified as Maria Puig, 61, of Lot 25 Laluni Street, Queenstown, Georgetown. She was shot to the right hand, while bullet fragments caused abrasions to her abdomen.Reports are that about 12:10h, two bandits rode up on a CG motorcycle and robbed the Cuban, who sold coffee and other food items.Eyewitnesses told Guyana Times that one of the bandits was armed with a gun. Reports also indicated that the gunman leaped off the bike and attacked the woman, relieving her of $5000. However, City Constables rushed to the vendor’s aid and the bandits fired a shot which hit the woman.The armed man and his accomplice escaped on the motorcycle. The woman was picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was admitted.Meanwhile, the owner of the store outside which the woman was vending told this publication that he was attending to customers when he heard the single gunshot.On Tuesday, a bar at Crane Old Road, West Coast Demerara (WCD) was robbed of $150,000, just one day after a Digicel outlet at Vreed-en-Hoop was relieved of all of its mobile phones.Against the backdrop of over 20 robberies being recorded in the WCD area, several residents and businessmen met with acting D Division (West Demerara) Commander Leslie James, who suggested that at least two gangs of individuals may be involved in carrying out the robberies, many of which included excessive violence. James encouraged business owners to install more video cameras and noted that the area would be closely monitored.last_img read more