Province Takes Energy Plan Tour for Lowest Fairest Rates to Stellarton

first_img the 62.1 megawatt Glen Du Wind Farm which produces enough power to supply about 18,000 homes and has a signed power purchase agreement with Nova Scotia Power for twenty years. Glen Du is a independent power producer the 51-megawatt Dalhousie Mountain Wind Farm, also an independent power producer, which produces enough power to supply about 20,000 homes Community Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT) projects have been approved for New Glasgow, Barney’s River, Merigomish, Irish Mountain, and Riverton. These projects will generate varying amounts of energy once completed. They are local projects that will benefit local residents and businesses a partnership between Sobeys Atlantic and Efficiency Nova Scotia which enabled Sobeys to undertake waste reduction, sustainable sourcing and reduction of its carbon footprint. The project helped Sobeys achieve energy savings of over 4.9 gigawatt hours, a savings of over $500,000 in annual electrical costs, and reduction of its environmental footprint by over 3,700 tonnes of carbon dioxide Trinity Inspection Services, based in Stellarton, delivers Efficiency Nova Scotia’s direct install, home-energy audit and low-income programs to homeowners in northern mainland Nova Scotia. It sees first-hand how energy efficiency programs improve people’s lives. For instance, an elderly woman was saved the stress of moving because she was able to upgrade her home through an Efficiency Nova Scotia program. As well, through the Direct Install Program, from September to January of last year, there were one million kilowatt hours saved in northern mainland Nova Scotia. Residents of Pictou County heard first-hand from Energy Minister Charlie Parker in Stellarton today, March 18, on what government is doing to ensure Nova Scotians have the lowest, fairest electricity rates over the long term. “We know that rising electricity rates are top of mind for everyone,” said Mr. Parker. “We are not going to sit back and do nothing to address the issue. We are taking action that will make a real difference. “We have already removed the provincial portion of the HST from basic home electricity. This saves families millions of dollars every year, but we did not stop there. We have developed an energy plan to ensure the lowest, fairest rates for Nova Scotians, a plan that can be summed up as local, reliable, green, tax-free and efficient.” Government’s energy plan is already at work in communities across the province. In the Pictou region, the province is working with communities and others that are making innovative and positive change for their future, and the future of Nova Scotia. Energy-related projects taking place in the area include: “In addition, every megawatt of energy produced through COMFIT results in significant economic activity in the local community,” said Mr. Parker. “And when we are using locally manufactured turbines and towers, there are even more jobs created. “So we’re very pleased to be creating the right conditions for these investments. These projects will help stabilize electricity prices in Nova Scotia and benefit the environment.” Brian Cullen, chief administrative officer, Municipality of Pictou County speaks highly of the program. “The province’s COMFIT program has been instrumental to us developing energy projects that will help us to generate our own clean electricity while creating jobs and helping the environment.” Mr. Parker and Department of Energy deputy minister Murray Coolican also provided information and an overview of the Muskrat Falls/Maritime Link project. The project will provide Nova Scotians with a reliable source of clean energy at predictable, stable rates for 35 years. It is the lowest long-term cost option for the province to meet federal environmental requirements, and it will also provide jobs, generate economic activity, and give the province a second connection to the North American electricity grid and therefore more options for purchasing energy in the future.last_img read more